WordPress currently the most popular CMS system empowers over 60 million websites worldwide and growing.

WordPress already offers ready to use templates and themes on the internet. So then why do you need a custom theme or template designed? It’s simple. Generic looking templates will make your business look generic. A template or theme that is custom designed for your business will add to your brand value.

At Aiden Web Solution, we can offer you WordPress themes that are tailored to your business domain. We use the colors and images that suit your business. We even make sure that our themes and templates help you reflect your business values. Secondly, we create WordPress templates with easy to follow navigation pattern. This way your potential customers can have easy access to all the relevant information. We can create custom templates for websites meant for different purposes and industries. Whether you are an audit company, a church, an education centre, an e-commerce trader, a software development company, we can create designs that best suit your business and help you build a market reputation.

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WordPress is not just a blog, it’s a complete Customized content management system. WordPress offers you a platform that can be used by any big, small or huge companies. With so many WordPress extensions it’s sure that you will find just what you need. It is highly interactive and communicative compare to other CMS. We have experienced WordPress developers who can create custom WordPress extensions or modify existing one to meet your requirements.


WordPress Design

Our Creative Experts will nail their design exactly as per your ideas and touch your satisfaction level. You will feel WOW!! factor in our designs.

Theme Customization

Our experienced UI developers integrate custom design exactly as it looks with fancy fonts. We are adicted to check w3c, desktop browsers, mobile devices and ipad compatablities.

Plugin Customization

Our team capable to develop new plugins and modify existing WordPress plugins.

WordPress development


Easy Administration

Manage every aspect of your website in the admin dashboard.

Control Your Content

Manage your website content with no HTML experience.


Thousands of free plugins and themes available for use on your website.

User Accounts and Roles

When logo design is ready, our designer presents to our entire team for feedback. Ensuring the logo design created is tailored to the culture of your brand.

Customizable Menus

Create dynamic drop down menus with hierarchy support.

Optimized for Search Engines

Optimal configuration for maximum search engine exposure.

Affordable (CMS) Solution WordPress Web Design?

No worries. Get in touch with us and we will have our professionals take a thorough look at it, for free!

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Custom WordPress development


With a team of expert designer, we are master in converting PSD to WordPress. Fully responsive and compatible with all devices and browser. Just share your dream thought us and we will deliver you the reality. While creating WordPress we create easy to install theme so, you don’t need to worry when upgrading the WordPress version.

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